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Contact Lenses

Contact lenses are a great alternative to wearing glasses. Whether you would like to interchange between the two, wear a pair of coloured lenses or would prefer to not wear glasses at all, contact lenses provide the perfect solution.

Speak with one of our optometrists about the benefits of wearing contact lenses and work together to find a lens style which best suits you.

Here are details of some of the basics when it comes to contact lens selection:

  • Daily Disposable

    These are only worn for one day and then thrown away, providing you with 2 key benefits:

    1. Convenience – no cleaning!
    2. Superior health maintenance – because of no cleaning!

    Additionally, these lenses are ideal for reduction in dry-eye and allergy irritation.

  • Fortnightly/Monthly Disposable

    A quality lens that requires replacing every two or four weeks, but at a lower price! If you want contact lenses, your prescription is most likely to be catered by this type of lens.

  • Silicon Hydrogel

    This new lens has revolutionized the contact lens market. You will be able to wear these lenses during the day and then go to sleep at night without having to take them out. Also experience greater oxygen transmission into the eye reducing red eye irritation.
    The ultimate convenience!

  • Multifocal

    Yes, you can get multifocal contact lenses that will cater to your multi-powered vision.

  • Coloured Lenses

    Always wanted those bright blue eyes? We offer a variety of coloured lenses perfect for the person who feels like a change.

Speak to a Prevue Eyewear optometrist or dispenser about further information on contact lenses and their specifications, including quotes on our contact lens products and fitting services.

Note: for your convenience, we can post contact lenses to a designated address of your choice, so all it will take is a phone call when you would like to reorder!


To gain the maximum benefit and enjoyment of your new eyewear, it is imperative that the lens selection is carefully considered and weighed. Understanding that all sets of eyes are unique, we believe it essential to have a wide range of high-quality lenses, sourced from the best manufacturers around the globe. Our professional optometrists and dispensers will be there to assist you along the way, to find the best solution to your optical needs.

Here is a table with details of some of the main types of lenses available:

  • Single Vision

    Suitable to the individual who requires lenses that have one power throughout, for example a person either near or long-sighted. We carry many of these lenses in stock, so ask about our 1-hour speed service!

  • Bifocal Lenses

    Where the lens is divided into two parts, one for near vision and one for far vision and is characterized by the line that runs through it.

  • Multifocal Lenses (progressive Lenses)

    An advancement from the bifocal lens, this type of lens allows a person who requires more than one power to wear the same glasses whether reading or driving. Ask one of out staff of the benefits that multifocal lenses provide. Also ask about free-form technology, the latest and most advanced multifocal design.

  • Prescription Sunglass Lenses

    A constantly developing technology, we offer the latest sunglass lenses with polarized and UV protection. Find out about our Maui Jim and Oakley ranges, which have revolutionized prescription sunglasses and their lens technology.

  • Transition Lenses (Photochromatic Lenses

    Becoming increasingly popular, these lenses are characterized by their ability to darken upon exposure to light. Convenient and cost saving!

  • Specialized Close-work Lenses

    Ideal for people who spend most of their time reading or in front of the computer. Isn’t that all of us?! Reduce the likelihood of headaches and dry eyes from staring all day with these lenses

  • High index Lenses

    Do you require a strong prescription? Are your current lenses thick and heavy? High index lenses reduce both weight and thickness of lenses making your glasses more comfortable and sharper looking.

  • Polycarbonate Lenses

    Light weight and highly chip resistant. We recommend this type of lens for all rimless or semi-rimless frames

Together with the wide range of lenses we have to offer, there are a variety of lens add-ons for your consideration to enhance various aspects of your visual perception:

  • Add-on
  • Multicoat (Anti-reflective coating)

    Highly recommended for most spectacle wearers, this coating reduces light reflection, thereby improving contrast and overall clarity. Experience greater clarity whether driving at night or in front of the computer. The aesthetic look for your lenses will also be heightened, tacking away any light reflections that impede a person from being able to look into your eyes.

  • UV Coating

    Reducing the ultraviolet radiation reaching your eyes. Your eyes are extremely sensitive to the sun… protect them!

  • Tints

    Prescription sunglasses are a great option for the outdoors. A large range of different coloured tints are available to suit the various fashion requirements and additionally provides optimal protection from potentially harmful infrared rays.